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Day three
day one waist training

Happy birthday babe! (I didnt buy him a pink one obvi)

All I eat is cliff bars, and I’ve been cooking like crazy! I started yoga a few days ago. Tomorrow is Brian’s birthday! I’m so excited :D

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too happy for words

I’m really over tumblr and the whole “I’m shy but I should be accepted because I woke up this morning” life style I feel like I’m too old for this site, I hate how girls think it’s super cute when guys are hitting on them in the most passive aggressive ways. And the “give me a gold star for breathing” attitude. I hate the acceptance of mediocrity here. How no one pushes themselves and goes out and does things. I have a whole new outlook on life where of I’m not being productive, making money, improving myself, or helping to improve Brian and I life together, it’s a waste of my time. Probz gonna delete my app, I deleted it for about a month and redownloaded it when it was dead at work but I just can’t read how much people think it’s okay to be nothing and do nothing. Later

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Anonymous: How did you become a bartender ?

I just went into Sammy’s and talked to the manager an he hired me

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Anonymous: Are you a manager at CR? seems like you work there everyday

No the money isn’t worth the hours. IDE rather work at cr for 4 hours and then go to my other and make 250 a night

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I start bartending at Sammy’s tonight!
Anonymous: How long is your man here for

He’s 4 months on 4 months off, always. 😔 hell get deployed again in November or December

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Anonymous: Do you and your parents have a relationship at all?

I visit them once in a blue moon but that’s it

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