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Anonymous: Where did you get that black top from omg?

Charlotte russe

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I ate 5 cinnamon rolls and a Chinese buffet today, and it’s only acceptable because I’m on my period. Tomorrow I must go to the gym.

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Anonymous: No, I just enjoy natural beauty. My gf isn't what most guys would call pretty but I think she's beautiful because she doesn't need to wear make-up to feel pretty.

I might not look natural, but I look how I want to look. My boyfriend likes me with and without makeup on and his opinion is all that matters. He also likes the fact that he is the only person who gets to see me in the bare so I’m not going to share it with strangers.

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"Dressing up is like masturbation, I do it for myself and if it turns you on, that’s fine, but this is for me and you’re not invited."

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Anonymous: The point of posting a selfie with no make-up is so we can see if you really are that pretty. Personally I hate make-up. It can completely change everything about a girls face. A lot of girls hide behind it.

"So we can see if you really are that pretty" you’re the reason girls feel the need to "hide behind makeup" I know I’m beautiful with and without makeup I don’t need your validation.

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Anonymous: Haha not even gonna give that foot guy a preview? Just go hard & charge him. DAYUM yousa cold nigga

Hustling is literally my job.

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Anonymous: I have had this crush on u for the longest time. But, afraid to be off anon to tell u. Your bf wouldnt like that. But it's nice to see your smile and very beautiful figure. :) Have a good day!

I get asked out on dates and told that kind if stuff everyday, it’s okay. And he doesn’t get mad he knows no matter what I go home to him every night.

thank you :)

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gabyfaace: I know it might sound weird but rubbing your pelvic bone horizontally helps relieve the cramps a bit

I’ll try it!

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Anonymous: You should post a selfie without makeup...

What would be the point of that

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I’m cramping so fucking hard Jesus I can’t even explain the pain

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Anonymous: I already tried to pay you to post a picture and you never replied. I offered you $200.

I never got that, I would do it message me off anon

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Anonymous: Let's see some toes girly

Give me $500 

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Anonymous: Are you on?

Negative I am a meat Popsicle

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