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some basic tried to steal my identity today dont fuckin’ think so

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North Shore Mountains above the clouds from Garibaldi Park | by Christopher Barton.
my hair is brown deal with it
Anonymous: I would honestly miss if you left tumblr like , you are inspiring . You are so real and authentic and just plain you no front I would miss you

This message is really old sorry I never responded I just liked reading it in my inbox! Thank you :)

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Anonymous: make up game on point, fake tits, dating an action figure, you are awesome. not even being sarcastic

this message made me laugh so hard but in a good way thank you! i read it out loud to my action figure too ;)

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day bar
Anonymous: What size are you gonna get your boobs?

Full C, Brian wants me to go to a d but ehhhh

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I can’t wait to get my boobs done uuuuugghhhhhhh

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i just signed up for birch box and ipsy I’m so excited!

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sleepy-creep: no you look like Dita

i get that a lot too, thank youu!

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"You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger."
Unknown (via ciggars)

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i keep getting that i look like kimberly guilfoyle and I’m just like “but younger, right?”

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