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Anonymous: How did you become a bartender ?

I just went into Sammy’s and talked to the manager an he hired me

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Anonymous: Are you a manager at CR? seems like you work there everyday

No the money isn’t worth the hours. IDE rather work at cr for 4 hours and then go to my other and make 250 a night

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I start bartending at Sammy’s tonight!
Anonymous: How long is your man here for

He’s 4 months on 4 months off, always. 😔 hell get deployed again in November or December

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Anonymous: Do you and your parents have a relationship at all?

I visit them once in a blue moon but that’s it

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Anonymous: You're the luckiest girl because he spent 400 dollars on you? Damn

I’m lucky to have him in my life in general.

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Anonymous: What did your man do for you for your birthday!? I hope it's something as sweet as you are!

We went out to eat and he got me a $400 micheal kors purse! I’m the luckiest girl to have him in my life

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happy b day 2 me
Anonymous: How could you almost scare him away! You couldn't scare anyone away, you are perf

We just had a fight, broke up, made up. it wasn’t really scaring away

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Anonymous: Why don't you have any topless pics lol :(

Lol cuz I’m not 16 anymore and I don’t fawn for that kind of attention from people over the internet

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Anonymous: did you scare away yo man


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Anonymous: What is your insta?


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Anonymous: What happened!? I hope you're ok.

Everything is okay now

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Anonymous: in your insta pick your bf was kinda hugging your stomach... do you want i=his kids or what

I would 100% have his offspring

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